We’ve had the pleasure of working on a variety of different projects. For each project we started directly by taking an idea and then designing, developing, and fine-tuning it into a seamless and elegant end product.


Owow brings the rhythmic feel to digital music. Using the different Owow instruments, users can add effects to their musical creations through bodily expression. We designed the Owow to be universally compatible, able to be used with many different devices and operating systems.


The Hugsy Blanket is a smart “kangaroo care” baby blanket for premature babies, used to simulate cuddle sessions with the parent. The blanket absorbs a parent's comforting smell and record’s their unique heartbeat, which is then stored in the module and can be played back to the baby. We were involved with the Hugsy Blanket from start to finish. We researched the target group and took into account things like safety and water-proofing. We also developed the sensor technology to be able to capture a unique human heartbeat and translate that into an authentic experience for the baby.


The Plasmacure pulser is a medical device designed to heal wounds that are or could become chronic. In the electronic pad a cold plasma is created that kills bacteria and promotes wound healing. We designed the pulser to be simple to operate and safe to use, taking into account optimal safety measures and medical certification requirements.


Xignal is a smart mouse and rat trap: It detects the status of the trap and sends the information via private or public networks to a phone or tablet in a handy report. We developed ultra low-power hardware for the trap, combined with energy-efficient software to achieve optimal battery life.


The Print+ DIY headphone kit is part of a unique audio experience. The modular design enables the user to build, upgrade & repair the headphones themselves. At Vention, we developed in-line playback controls with an integrated microphone, in order for users to be able to get the most out of their pair of custom headphones.

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