We can provide any kind of electronic solution for our clients using our skills in circuit board design, microcontrollers, embedded systems, logic circuits, analog circuits, sensor electronics and control.


Our software team is skilled in automation, embedded systems, web and mobile apps, and operating systems.

Why Vention?

A cross between venture and invention, Vention is your development partner in the fast-moving world of venture product design and development.


Don’t all great success stories start small? We’re no different. It all started out when Frank and Hans started a prototyping company (only logical to call it FRANS, right?)

The team grew, as students from the TU/e in electrical engineering, mechanical engineering, software science, and automotive engineering started spending more and more of their free time working at the company and learning on-the-job. Since its early days in the old Augustinian abbey on the Kanaalstraat in Eindhoven, Vention has grown to be an innovative young company on the High Tech Campus, with the ambition to become a “giant in engineering”.

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